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An indication of what is likely to be on the menu. Seasonal influences, quality and freshness permitting. Please use the Booking form to drop us a line if you would like more information.

  Soups - Pea & Ham, Shank & Veggie, Minestrone
  Lasagne  - fresh or frozen
  Stroganoff - braised beef and onions...
  Irish Stew - meat and potatoes in tasty sauce/gravy
  Farmhouse Pot - meat and veggies cooked in camp oven
  Trinidadian Beef Curry - medium heat
  Stir Fry - Teriyaki, Robust BBQ, Sweet Chilli
  Schnitzel - Teriyaki, Robust BBQ, Sweet Chilli
  Beef Sausages - BBQ (a simple lean snag, in a collagen skin)
  Beef Sausages - various natural fillings & natural skin
  Premium Lean Mince
  Roast Beef
  Eye Fillet
  Mutton Roast - plain or marinated
  Oyster Blade
  Mutton Backstrap (the Porterhouse of Mutton)
  Mutton Backstap Marinated
  Boned Mini Roast Mutton
  Roast pumpkin, herbs, garlic mushroom, almond & tarragon
  Rich creamy bread & butter puddings
  Garlic Butter & Herb Butter
  Organic Tasmanian Culinary Herbs and Herbal Teas
  Sauces - Mulberry syrup, Lemon syrup, Marinated Apricots in Brandy, Plum Worcestershire, Tomato, Capsicum Relish

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